Who is Free As A Weed?

A little bit about myself.  I am currently a New Orleans transplant where I reside with my husband.  We moved here just over 2 years ago with my husband’s career when he received a management opportunity within his work place.  We hopped at this opportunity as we had never lived outside of our Midwestern suburb.  This move has been one of the greatest opportunities for us as it’s helped put in perspective our goals and visions.

Back It Up… Give me some of the past:

Some history…In 2014 I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a lot of debt. Who else has this same story?  Seriously, where is the education about student loans.  It’s the “normal” thing to do, go to college on the government’s money. Check, check, and check.  If anyone knows anything about social work, the pay ain’t high at all. And honestly, for all of school I was good with that. I didn’t care about making money, having a savings account, investing.  It was all about helping people.  Or so I thought.

Fast forward to a couple jobs into my career as a social worker, and I quickly realized this was not the career path I should be on.  I’m a numbers person. I was looking for data & facts that the children and families I was working with were improving.  In social work, well you don’t get that.  There was no evidence the work I was putting in was statistically benefiting the child.  Perhaps, I didn’t give it enough time. Honestly, I probably would have stuck it out several more years had we stayed in the Midwest, but like I said…I live in NOLA now!

A Fresh Start:

I saw New Orleans as an opportunity to start fresh, a new career, a new non social worker me, but still the social work debt me.  Without having much experience in anything other than the healthcare field, I eventually found myself on the administration side of things. Since living here, I have worked my way into a small management position, where I know this can only continue to build my strengths in leadership.  It’s also finally allowing me to save money.

I can proudly say my husband and I have officially paid off all debts we had accrued and our currently working towards tweaks, tricks, and supplemental incomes to help reach financial independence.