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How? When? Where? Why?

Introduction: I’d like to introduce you all to where my inspirations have come from while on this journey. Former me, like many, didn’t have financial education when they were younger. Money has always been a taboo subject in many households.  But, like, I don’t get it! Perhaps it’s because my personality is an open book mentality. Or if we as a society have been more open and educational about money, there wouldn’t be so many money hardships in the world, …


Allow me to introduce yours truly

Who is Free As A Weed? A little bit about myself.  I am currently a New Orleans transplant where I reside with my husband.  We moved here just over 2 years ago with my husband’s career when he received a management opportunity within his work place.  We hopped at this opportunity as we had never lived outside of our Midwestern suburb.  This move has been one of the greatest opportunities for us as it’s helped put in perspective our goals …

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