Boxed versus Costco

I know everyone loves Costco, including me.  I have great memories of going there with my mom when I was younger.  Sampling the goodness they offered at the end of the isles, as well as insisting on her buying Laffy Taffy in bulk.  It’s such a great concept, and a company who treats their staff with amazing benefits, but I can’t bring myself to go there, because of Boxed.

Why I shop at Boxed and think you should, too!

  • It’s an app easily accessible on your phone where you can add groceries as needed to your online cart. And order when you are ready.
  • There are no membership fees!
  • They ship directly to your house in a matter of days!
  • Shipping if FREE after $49+!
  • Boxed has their own brand called Prince & Spring that is cheaper, yet same quality as the leading brands.
  • There are no temptations to buy what is not needed, which is one of my biggest reasons!
  • You receive two FREE samples with each order
  • You receive 2% cash back on each order to apply to your future orders!
  • And in general, a wonderful company that treats it’s employees top notch! Such as paying for employees weddings or college tuition.  See this story here! 

I can’t bring myself to pay for a membership to a store when an online store offers the same bulk product.  PLUS, it comes directly to your doorstep! And this completely eliminates being tempted to buy things not planned for. Which I know is huge for people on a budget! Ordering online through Boxed, I am not distracted by furniture, electronics, and different marketing strategies telling me what I should be buying.  I am on the app mostly for paper products, laundry detergent, and dish soap, and that’s exactly what I “leave with” every time. Oh, and plus my two free samples!

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I can be easily persuaded into buying things so shopping at Costco would simply just be bad for the budget.  Also, as a family of two, I can’t justify buying that many items in bulk.  For example, avocados, berries, and food products will ultimately go bad by the time we get to them!

Based on your ordering history, the app also reminds you of products you will need to purchase soon.   This is a fun feature as you might very well forget you are almost out of paper towels or dish soap!

They have recently also added a new feature for group ordering! I have yet to try this out, but I can see how it could be a huge asset to couples who want specific snacks, a roommate situation, or a place of business! It completely takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what everyone wants and allows each person invited to add their products! Win, win!

I truly believe Boxed is the ultimate wholesale service for the debt free community because you know exactly what you will spend each and every time! For everyone making their spreadsheets, filling out what the next months budget will look like, you will know the costs up front of how much you will spend and not have those “Oh sh*t!” moments when you go over budget!

So all I really need to know is, have you switched yet?  I personally think this is a no brainer! Remember…No membership fees, no additional temptations, instant cash back for your next order, and a solid company with humble beginnings! So what are you waiting for!

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