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8 Money Moves I Made to Level Up to my Husband

8 Money Moves I Made to Level Up to my Husband I’m tired of living in a world where money, politics, and companies are ran by men! Not hating on any of them, but ladies it’s time we level up and take a stand! When I met my husband, he already had his 401K poppin’ and his savings account increasing!  He already knew the idea of living below your means in a modest home.  His home wasn’t flashy, but nothing …

Financial Independence Personal Finance

How I Doubled My Salary in 4 Years!

How I Doubled My Salary in 4 Years Okay okay, I wish I was reporting that I doubled it from 50K to 100K being able to claim I’m a 6 figure income earner, but right now that is not the case.  But, I have worked to increase my salary from 28K a year to 55K currently in just a few short years, and that is still something to cheer about! And plus, just because you earn 6 figures doesn’t mean …

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Living that D.I.N.K Life

Double Income No Kids: When growing up my dad always told me to not get a M.R.S. Degree, meaning don’t be just a wife.  He was always encouraging me to stay in college even when I thought an Associates Degree would be enough. Dad always coming through with the dad jokes.  I thankfully, yet at the time, dreadfully, continued my education on through my Masters Degree in Social Work. Although I didn’t have much financial education growing up, I was …

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How We Paid Off 100K in Debt

How We Paid Off 100K in Debt: As of today, my husband and I sit fairly care free as we have accomplished paying off 100K dollars worth of debt! And now cash flow everything.  A big accomplishment, eh?  Today I will write about what kind of debts we accrued, how we managed to pay them off, and why we strive not be in debt ever again.  Unless we purchase a house somewhere down the road…and we can tackle that once …

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