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9 Things We’ve Done to Love Our Home!

9 Things We’ve Done to Love Our Home Finally, I feel like I come home to a space I love every single day and am proud to call home.  (Renters here, but home to us)  This comes after 3 homes together as a couple and my 5th space since moving out of my parents.  So you could say, it takes time and really discovering what you love and want in a home! And money hasn’t hurt the situation, because transparency. …

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Why I Stay at a Job I Don’t Love

Why I Stay at a Job I Don’t Love Trust me, I’m all about living a life you love! That’s what Free As  A Weed breeds.  Creating a life you love, not a life you have to live! With that being said, I continue to work at a job I’m not at all passionate about. The Money Factor Why do I stay?  Well, for starters it’s the most money I’ve ever made in my career.  In the Financially Independent Community, …

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What Free As A Weed Means to Me

What Free As A Weed Means to Me As I enter the world of personal finance and the debt free community I find my blog title and Instagram handle name not so money related, like many others, and sometimes hard to relate to! I’d like to take this as an opportunity to explain what Free As A Weed means to me.  It’s more than financial freedom! Financial Independence is of course the ultimate goal, but as many of us …


Why I Ditched the Big Wedding

Why I Ditched the Big Wedding:  November 9, 2014, a day that started out with my closets gal pals at a mimosa filled brunch, followed by an afternoon of makeup, hair, and oh yes, our wedding! Our wedding was a destination wedding in St. Thomas, USVI, which included a very short guestlist of 20 people.  30 invited, 20 were able to attend.  It was magical, but simple, and very minimal effort put in by myself.  Just how I wanted it. …


Life in the Big Easy

What It’s Like Living in New Orleans Wow! That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think I get to live in this beautiful city.  I am so lucky! New Orleans is known for it’s creole cuisine, non-stop festivals, including the most popular, Mardi Gras.  It’s also known for its architecture, music and extremely well known nightlife, known as Bourbon Street.  When people ask me what I love about this place, I can’t quite put my finger on …

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Living that D.I.N.K Life

Double Income No Kids: When growing up my dad always told me to not get a M.R.S. Degree, meaning don’t be just a wife.  He was always encouraging me to stay in college even when I thought an Associates Degree would be enough. Dad always coming through with the dad jokes.  I thankfully, yet at the time, dreadfully, continued my education on through my Masters Degree in Social Work. Although I didn’t have much financial education growing up, I was …

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