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Personal Finance Money 101

Money Management When You’re Married

Money Management When You’re Married When two people become one… Or do they? Many people, and a lot of financial gurus, believe once married, or dating for even a significant amount of time, the only option is to combine finances.  I am here today to report that that simply just doesn’t have to be the case! After awhile of dating and/or (hopefully) before marriage, finances eventually get brought up one way or the other in relationships.   For us, it …

Lifestyle Money 101

Why I Stay at a Job I Don’t Love

Why I Stay at a Job I Don’t Love Trust me, I’m all about living a life you love! That’s what Free As  A Weed breeds.  Creating a life you love, not a life you have to live! With that being said, I continue to work at a job I’m not at all passionate about. The Money Factor Why do I stay?  Well, for starters it’s the most money I’ve ever made in my career.  In the Financially Independent Community, …

Money 101

How I Saved Money On My Car Insurance

How I Saved Money On My Car Insurance When choosing to go down this financial savvy lifestyle, if you will, I started looking at where I could cut costs.  Of course that first started with shopping, the occasional pedicure, and drinks out.  Then I started to dive deeper into what bills I could potentially shrink down. For whatever reason I was always instilled that State Farm is the best agency to go with when it comes to insurance.   Dad …

Personal Finance Money 101

Basic Financial Terms You Should Know

Basic Financial Terms You Should Know As someone who is changing my financial path drastically, I have come across a significant amount of basic financial terms that I think everyone should know. My Not So Stellar Past Financial Experience I used to have a job working as a Legal Assistant to a Social Security Disability Attorney.  The pay wasn’t high, but he would occasionally slip us some extra money when we were leaving for a vacation or at the holidays.  …

Money 101

How to Start a Budget (without depriving yourself!)

Budgeting 101: It’s all about a mindset.  Honestly, you’ve got to completely shift your thinking and determine what’s important in your life! The way I shifted my mindset is by listening to a plethora of podcasts and reading personal finance books.  Knowledge is power.  I didn’t even know I would ever be in to personal finance, and well, here I am. To begin, I would start by tracking your spending, especially if you already know you are living outside of …

Money 101

Boxed vs. Costco

Boxed versus Costco I know everyone loves Costco, including me.  I have great memories of going there with my mom when I was younger.  Sampling the goodness they offered at the end of the isles, as well as insisting on her buying Laffy Taffy in bulk.  It’s such a great concept, and a company who treats their staff with amazing benefits, but I can’t bring myself to go there, because of Boxed. Why I shop at Boxed and think you …

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