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6 Must Read Personal Finance Books

6 Must Read Personal Finance Books As I am now in my young 30’s, I have increased my personal drive for more education, more knowledge, and an extensive list of books I’ve just gotta get my hands on! I dove right into the deep end of personal finance and haven’t left! Over the course of the last 3 years, I’ve read several personal finance books and the only problem is with any of them is, I wish I would have …

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8 Money Moves I Made to Level Up to my Husband

8 Money Moves I Made to Level Up to my Husband I’m tired of living in a world where money, politics, and companies are ran by men! Not hating on any of them, but ladies it’s time we level up and take a stand! When I met my husband, he already had his 401K poppin’ and his savings account increasing!  He already knew the idea of living below your means in a modest home.  His home wasn’t flashy, but nothing …

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Money Management When You’re Married

Money Management When You’re Married When two people become one… Or do they? Many people, and a lot of financial gurus, believe once married, or dating for even a significant amount of time, the only option is to combine finances.  I am here today to report that that simply just doesn’t have to be the case! After awhile of dating and/or (hopefully) before marriage, finances eventually get brought up one way or the other in relationships.   For us, it …

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How I Doubled My Salary in 4 Years!

How I Doubled My Salary in 4 Years Okay okay, I wish I was reporting that I doubled it from 50K to 100K being able to claim I’m a 6 figure income earner, but right now that is not the case.  But, I have worked to increase my salary from 28K a year to 55K currently in just a few short years, and that is still something to cheer about! And plus, just because you earn 6 figures doesn’t mean …

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Basic Financial Terms You Should Know

Basic Financial Terms You Should Know As someone who is changing my financial path drastically, I have come across a significant amount of basic financial terms that I think everyone should know. My Not So Stellar Past Financial Experience I used to have a job working as a Legal Assistant to a Social Security Disability Attorney.  The pay wasn’t high, but he would occasionally slip us some extra money when we were leaving for a vacation or at the holidays.  …

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Our Biggest Money Mistake to Date

Our Biggest Money Mistake to Date That one time we bought a boat. And to this day, still technically own it, but it’s on ze market! Perhaps we were bored one day, I don’t really know what sparked the interest.  None the less, my husband thought we should start looking to buy one.  We lived near water, didn’t have any extra “toys” and I thought this could be fun! Let’s live a little. My Past Boating Experience Back track 12 …

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How? When? Where? Why?

Introduction: I’d like to introduce you all to where my inspirations have come from while on this journey. Former me, like many, didn’t have financial education when they were younger. Money has always been a taboo subject in many households.  But, like, I don’t get it! Perhaps it’s because my personality is an open book mentality. Or if we as a society have been more open and educational about money, there wouldn’t be so many money hardships in the world, …

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