How I Doubled My Salary in 4 Years

Okay okay, I wish I was reporting that I doubled it from 50K to 100K being able to claim I’m a 6 figure income earner, but right now that is not the case.  But, I have worked to increase my salary from 28K a year to 55K currently in just a few short years, and that is still something to cheer about!

And plus, just because you earn 6 figures doesn’t mean you’re rich! We all know… it doesn’t matter how much money you make.  It matters how much money you save is what makes you wealthy!

In the Beginning

After graduating with my Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership, I went on to obtain my Masters Degree in Social Work.  I used to be one of those people that said “I don’t care how much money I make. It’s not about the money.”  Then my student loans rolled in and I suddenly gave a fuck about how much money I wasn’t making!  I was relying on the student loan forgiveness program to help a sister out.  If we have learned anything about government policies, we should know better than to trust those will be in place 10 years down the road when I wanted to say adios to my student loans!

As all of the world knows, social workers don’t make shit.  At least in the beginning of their careers.  In my first social work position I was making 32K/year going into people’s homes and counseling families that I had no business counseling.  I was fresh out of school working solely off of the motto “fake it till you make it.”  I’m sure this did not go unnoticed to all families I provided services to.  I clearly wasn’t cut out for that and was even willing to downgrade my pay to a whopping 28K/year.  In my next position, I was to provide counseling in schools to elementary kids!  In my mind, it was worth it because I was out of clients home and uhh…I got Summers off! Hells yeah!

So What Changed

Then here’s where it gets interesting.  My husband was offered an opportunity to move to New Orleans with his company to take on a new management position.  He needed me on board or this move wasn’t happening.  At first I was somewhat resistant, and then I came down to New Orleans.  And the rest is history.  This city is magical.  Dirty, but magical none the less.  I knew moving down here I would either have to give up social work all together, or test again to be licensed in the state of Louisiana.

Could this really be happening?  I took 3 years out of my adult life to bust my butt for a Masters Degree, obtain 55K worth of student loans.  Work a measly two years in the field, and then just like that give it up?  Why yes I did.  I realized quickly after working in the field, I loved learning about social work, mental illness, behavior treatment methods, and the idea that I could change someone’s life.  Keyword being learning.

What Changed In Me When We Moved to NOLA

Moving to New Orleans allowed me an opportunity to find my strengths.  I had the chance to figure out what I really wanted to do.  I knew I loved administration, organizing, and leadership.  After quite a long hunt, I found my way into a small healthcare clinic making very little money, but money none the less.  It was something new to add to my resume other than social work related gigs.  During this time, still making around 28K/year, I continued to listen to motivational podcasts, learn about the FIRE movement, pay down my debts, but also still looking for more opportunities to grow!

It’s important to know your value.  I knew I had more to offer.  My boss and my coworkers knew I had more to offer. For crying out loud, I had a masters degree and I was getting paid like I just got out of high school. (Side note, I did meet some ahhmazzing friends there so really the universe had my back in the friendship department.  Just not the money making department!) So like I said, I was always searching for something more.

My Present Life

And that’s when I came into the position I am currently in.  Another healthcare organization, but now I am managing a small crew, working less, and making more! Win, win! I said “Yes!” even when it was scary and  I was entering the unknown.  It so much reminds me of the quote from Richard Branson:

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure if you can do it, say yes, then learn how to do it later.”

Let’s just say, I had to learn a lot about this new role, and new challenges are still presented every single day, but I keep showing up. I was offered the position at 42K/year working 32 hours a week.  After a year I became eligible for 1% bonus of all of our production, so after that it comes to right around 55K/year and room for more! For only working Monday through Thursday, I think that’s legit.  It allows me the time to work on passion projects, such as this blog, my Instagram account for my business, and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

So what I have I consistently done to get to where I’m at now?

  • I know my worth.
  • I know I have a lot to offer based upon my work ethics.
  • I know everything is “figureoutable”
  • I keep saying yes to new opportunity, including things that make me uncomfortable
  • I keep looking for new opportunity
  • I am constantly learning by modes of books & podcasts
  • I am surrounding myself with successful people because I know you become who you most surround yourself by
  • I am currently creating new opportunities and forming new relationships to continue to have more abundance in my life, and that doesn’t always mean more money
  • And lastly, I know this isn’t it. I know the universe has so much more for me and I’m just getting started!

Where To Go From Here

I don’t know what it is, but in my gut, something tells me this isn’t it.  Even in my current position, I know this isn’t going to be where I end up for too long, because I know I want more in life.  (And a better vacation policy!)  I am going to continue to set goals that seem unachievable so I am constantly growing.  Set your goals high, so high, that you have no choice but to work hard!

Your vibe attracts your tribe, so start making connections now with people you look up to, people who inspire you, people you want to be like.  Find people who support your next move.  Make that career change. Start a side hustle. Life is fluid.  Don’t get stuck living your life for someone else!

As much as I leap for joy that I have almost doubled my salary in 4 years, I want to aim for higher, and I know I am worth it.  I’m putting it out into the universe now that I’d like to make an additional $500/month from this blog in 2019.  Although right now, it seems unattainable, I most certainly believe in myself enough that I can sure as fuck figure it out! …. And so can you, you just have to believe in yourself, even when no one else does!


Can you tell I’m a millennial?!