I’d like to introduce you all to where my inspirations have come from while on this journey.

Former me, like many, didn’t have financial education when they were younger. Money has always been a taboo subject in many households.  But, like, I don’t get it! Perhaps it’s because my personality is an open book mentality. Or if we as a society have been more open and educational about money, there wouldn’t be so many money hardships in the world, so much student debt, so much keeping up with the Joneses.

I had the credit cards, the student loans, the wild expensive nights out.  What I didn’t have was any money!  I don’t want to give all the credit to my husband because I have personally educated myself on the subject of money extensively, I guess you could say he was the one that got me thinking about it more!  When I met him, he owned his house, was well on his way to paying off his student loans, and he lived very modestly.  Material things are, you could say, not important to him.  He had a well paying career and my natural personality was to spend it! Why can’t we remodel the entire house at once? We have the money! It took several years but I have finally understood he had money because he rarely spent it!

What Triggered Me to Learn More:

It wasn’t until we moved to New Orleans for his job where I dove down into the rabbit hole of personal finance.  I had about 6+ months of spare time, not employed & no friends or family nearby.  I was getting our new rental property together where I found myself listening to self help and personal finance podcasts.

I started out, like many do, listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcasts.  There I learned to make sacrifices in order to achieve financial freedom.  Although I didn’t follow Dave’s path, nor do I agree with him in several areas of life, he did teach me debt isn’t so sexy! I have since found myself reading every personal finance book I can get my hands on. I’ve learned so much about the FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) Community, and have set financial goals with my personal middle class salary, but our family upper middle class income. No joint bank accounts here… But that’s for another post!

Why Must You Post All This Online?

So why document this journey? A few reasons.  I always hear about creating multiple streams of income, side hustles, and there’s no guarantee of your W2 salary.  So why not start a blog!  If this can generate some side hustlin’ money, I am on board!  I have also found myself with a lot more time on my hands.  In my position now, I work on a Monday through Thursday schedule always allotting me a 3 day weekend. My husband has now been shifted into a new position within his job, not by choice, where he is travelling significantly more.  I’m just waiting for the day he is told he needs to move and voila, my W2 income be gone.  #corporateamerica

That personally leaves me with no excuse! Perhaps I am already on my way to being Free As A Weed.  Also, I’ve always kind of pictured myself as a high earner, but have never been one!  If I plant the seeds now, start manifesting and working towards it and be persistent, I can see it in my foreseeable future.

Finding Your Tribe:

Online I have found a community of several others on this financially independent journey and it is truly inspiring! I know personal finance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so it’s nice to be part of something where others can relate.

Financial Goals I have for this 2018 calendar year are to max out my Roth IRA, continue to stash away money in my savings account, make even a penny with this blog, and start my 401K with my employer now that I am finally eligible.  Yes, I will absolutely take a 3% match!  Documenting this will personally hold me accountable as I continue to share my journey, the shit happens kind of moments, and my moments of weakness when I feel like I just have to have that facial!